Saturday, 12 August 2017

When you hear about antisemitism, don’t downplay it

Imagine the American NAACP commenting on the rise of racism in America?
Would you feel inclined to disparage them? Or say the NAACP are just “talking up” racism?
You might, if you were a hard-line Trump supporter, equally if you were stupid, insensitive to racism or a just a plain neo-Nazi.
However, those idiots aside, most intelligent or politically sophisticated people do not downplay racism. They certainly do not denigrate the reporting of attacks on ethnic minorities.

This is one British political activist commenting on the rise of antisemitic attacks in Britain.
McIntyre is explaining racism away, as a Trump supporter might, which is incredibly foolish, unfeeling and inappropriate.
Please read the Community Security Trust’s post: Record number of antisemitic hate incidents in UK in 2016.
And remember when you diminish the importance of tackling racism you are playing into the hands of Steve Bannon, Donald Trump and other assorted bigots.
When you belittle the struggle against antisemitism some neo-Nazi somewhere is smiling and thanking you for your idiocy.
It is not smart, it is not nice, don’t do it.
[First published on Medium on 2 February 2017.]

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