Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Profile of an antisemite: Mr Bacteria Thief‏ AKA @MrBacteriaThief

[NB: The materials herein are freely available in the public domain, and this is produced as an educational resource for antiracists and antifascists.]

Over the years a cohort of hardcore British antisemites on Twitter has come together.

They help each other. They exchange titbits and common themes.

A few are neo-Nazis, but not all. They have taken various names over time, but invariably have the same speech patterns and entrenched racist thinking that is easy to spot.

However, we mustn't underestimate these exceedingly diligent racists. They do outreach. They tailor their messages to reach the British Left.

They present what purports to be the polished side of antisemitism on social media.

Depressingly, these dedicated antisemites seem to have some success as their material can be found in the timelines of non-racist activists.

This is a profile of one of them, Mr Bacteria Thief‏ AKA @MrBacteriaThief.

In a previous existence he was @Smeggypants.

My quick summary:

Mr Bacteria Thief‏ AKA @MrBacteriaThief blames the Holocaust on "Zionists".
He promotes the racism of David Duke, ex-Grand Wizard of Ku Klux Klan.
He admires David Irving, well known Holocaust denier.
He advocates for CODOH.org
He wants to ”debate” the Holocaust.
He loves Eustace Mullins.
He thinks nearly every revolution since 1780 was funded by “Zionists”
He has a weird obsession with the Bolsheviks.
He thinks Hitler was funded by, yes, you guessed, "Zionists".
He rants on about the Federal Reserve.
And a lot more profoundly irrational ideas.

In short, even for a demented antisemite he is really peculiar.

Quotes from Mr Bacteria Thief‏ AKA @MrBacteriaThief:

"The Zionist plan was a holocaust in order to pre-text the creation of Israel."

"Zionist orchestrated and funded Nazism and it's holocaust was to purge non-Zionist Jews and foment a political climate to create Israel "

"How Zionists Divide and Conquer [David Duke] -"

"People should read the works of David Irving to see the other side of the argument and encourage debate"

"Babylonian masonic Zionism controls western education. Nazi holocaust has political value"

A small sample of his Twitter material:

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