Thursday, 3 August 2017

The Anti-Nazis United Initiative

Over the past few years the proliferation of racism across social media has increased, often relentlessly.
Whilst in most modern societies such open expressions of racist sentiment would be frowned upon, that is not the case for much of social media.
Yet there are many decent and honourable people on-line who make an effort to tackle racism whenever they find it. But many times such efforts are limited, too small and uncoordinated.
Whereas neo-Nazis, antisemites and white supremacists are very organised. They coordinate their actions, reinforce each other’s messages and work in concert. They are a serious danger to individuals and humanity. Recent events in north America and the rise of the Alt-Right show how what outwardly seems inconsequential and fringe can threaten the very fabric of a society.
Everyone that really opposes neo-Nazis must work together. Everyone that loathes antisemitism must work to defeat these modern neofascists. Everyone opposed to racism must stand side by side.
The Anti-Nazis United initiative is a small contribution in this area.
We will catalogue neofascists, neo-Nazis and antisemites wherever we can. We want to raise awareness of their on-line presence and their simplistic, racist and brutal arguments. We aim to provide educational material on contemporary neofascism, hardcore racism and its intersection with social media.
If you are on Twitter, are against neo-Nazis and want to contribute, please send a Direct Message to @Anti-Nazis United

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