Saturday, 5 August 2017

Medium complains, an antiracist is suspended.

After getting back from a break I noticed an email from Medium support and replied on the 3rd August:

"Hello Gerald
Just got back from a long break.
Which is the offending post?
Thanks, Anu :)

I am still awaiting a reply to my question and a copy of my files.

"Gerald (Medium Support)Jul 18, 1:54 PM PDT
I am writing in regards to your account on
It has been brought to our attention that multiple posts associated with your account are in violation of our rules:
Medium exists to move conversation forward. We provide a platform for everyone to come to share their stories and express their viewpoints.
We do understand that discourse and disagreement is part of this process, and is often a very necessary part indeed.
However, we do not allow harassment.
Medium exists to share and discuss ideas, not to exact revenge or put private people on blast. We don’t tolerate harassment, which includes:
  • Bullying or shaming someone, or posting things likely to encourage others to do so
  • Posting copies of private communications between private individuals without the explicit consent of all parties to the communication
  • Doxing, which includes not only private or obscure personal information but also the aggregation of publicly available information to target, shame, blackmail, harass, intimidate, or endanger
  • Using Medium features like responses, private notes, mentions, follows, story requests, or writer requests in a way intended to annoy or harass someone
  • Posting intimate or explicit images taken or posted without the subject’s express consent.

Please make any necessary edits within the next 12 hours for the account to remain active. If you do not, we will suspend it until you can bring it into compliance.
If you have any questions, please write back.
Thank you
Medium Trust and Safety"

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