Thursday, 24 August 2017

Left Wing Antisemitism Bingo: a guest post by Simon Myerson QC

Israel is a racist enterprise.
I’ve never seen antisemitism on the Left.
Zionism is contrary to Judaism.
Ian Millard has some interesting ideas.
Galloway was trying to save lives when he went to see Saddam.
Israeli settlements mean people are angry with Jews.
Polls saying most Jews identify with Israel are biased and wrong.
You are weaponising antisemitism.
There is a Zionist plot to victimise us (& oust Corbyn).
4,000 reports of antisemitism to Labour is proof there isn’t a problem!
Palestinians are Semites too, so!
They’re Zionists so they obviously aren’t loyal to this country.
Jeremy’s grandmother was at Cable Street, so!
That neo-Nazi on my timeline is a mistake. Every time.
I’m an ethnic Jew.
I don’t have a racist bone in my body.
Talking about leftist antisemitism comforts Nazis.
Jackie/Gilad/Wonderwoman is Jewish. How can they be antisemitic?
Everything is a trope these days. We don’t have to pay attention.
Some of my best friends …
George Galloway was right. Never debate with an Israeli. Or Zionist.

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