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A very short guide to Twitter antisemites, neo-Nazis and their allies

[NB: The materials herein are freely available in the public domain, and this is produced as an educational resource for antiracists and antifascists.]

[The guide has been superseded by A shortish guide to Twitter antisemites, neo-Nazis and their allies.]
This is a very basic guide, with a short list of people on Twitter who express antisemitic ideas, promote people who do or generally feel comfortable with posh antisemitism.
Initially, it was composed in 2–3 minutes as an educational resource and is imperfect, but it should serve as a basic introduction.
These cranks vary in intensity from the odd neo-Nazi to a tin-foiler or two, and even a few odd British “Lefties”. Details of their revolting views can be found at A pickle jar of Twitter antisemites, neo-Nazis and their allies.
Bigot, fool or neo-Nazi — Type
@TonyGosling — Tin-foil, kicked out of Greens for racism, big on conspiracies. Big. Makes David Icke seem rational. ✔
@evertonfc2 — Leftie antisemite, good at sneering at Jews. ✔
@BankersDidIt — Ingrained antisemite.
@MisGrace — drunk neo-Nazi, with a supply of Red Bull. ✔
@AdnanSadiq01 — Persistent antisemite, believes in The Protocols, etc ✔
@alanmaddison20 — Never seen any antisemitism, ever, not even from neo-Nazis, or the other antisemites he chats with. Supposedly on the Left. ✔
@AlfieHeydrich — Jackbooted neo-Nazi, 14 words, the whole vile 88 stuff. ✔
@ianrmillard — One-time barrister, smart neo-Nazi, recruiter, does antisemitic outreach, popular on parts of the Left, occasionally. ✔
@kevinthickslice — Alt-Right, anti-everything, likes Hitler too. ✔
@MrTopple —  A Canary "journalist", was chummy with cream of Twitter's British antisemitic scene, conspiracies and plenty of anti-Jewish banter.
@AbbsWinston — Occasionally promotes neo-Nazi Veterans Today. Obsessed.
@SocialistVoice — UKIP voter, expelled from Labour for racism. Mild conspiracies. Knows most real hardcore antisemites on Twitter by name.
@DiligentTruth — Leftie antisemite.
@palestininianpr — Utterly fixated antisemite.
@Gerdowning — Far, far Left, almost falling off the edge, expelled from Labour for racism. Thick to Olympic standards.
@SidLabour — One-time teacher, mildly disdainful of Jews.
Shun and keep a list
The idea is that sensible people should not have exchanges or promote these racists and bigots, as it normalises racism in the long-term. Avoiding racists on Twitter is comparatively easy:
1.Scan timelines.
2.Keep a short list.
3.Shun them and anyone that endorses them.
Antisemitism is more complex than many first think. Its history, for thousands of years, multiple layers, symbolism and imagery mean there is a lot to take in.
I recommend studying the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s Working Definition of Antisemitism as a starter. A plain copy is here.
Next drop by the Community Security Trust’s blog on antisemitism.
The ADL has some excellent resources, their Hate Symbols Database should be read at length.
Social media and types
There are more types of antisemitism than the French have cheeses, and most are really smelly and obvious, but not all. Put very crudely there are four major forms of this racism often found on social media:
  • neo-Nazism,
  • conspiracy racism,
  • extreme Islamism,
  • and genteel antisemitism.
1. Most intelligent people can spot an obvious neo-Nazi form of antisemitism (the whole “1488” and ZOG stuff), but even neo-Nazis will soften their approach when on Twitter, etc. and pretend to be just radicals. They play off of certain topical issues. They will try turning any subject towards anti-Jewish racism, often in a semi-camouflaged form. They are not all knuckles scrapping idiots, they even have their own neofascist Wiki, Metapedia.
Best study Daily Stormer, Stormfront, VNN, IHR, Jew Watch, Occidental Observer, CODOH and White Genocide Project to understand their disgusting narratives, memes and talking points.  4chan's /pol/ board is a pit for the Alt-Right too.

On social media they tend to have a particular lexicon, symbolism and range of themes, including but not limited to: "The Goyim Know" "Goyim", "chosen people", "ZOG", "Talmudic", "neocon", ((())), etc
Hint: neo-Nazi speak for “Jew” is “Zionist”.
2. Next is conspiracy beliefs. The most consolidated form of these ideas portray Jews as the ultimate villains, although they might use the terms “Zionists”, “Rothschilds”, “Globalists”, “NWO”, "USS Liberty", "dancing Israelis", etc
For example, a popular conspiracy belief is that the 9/11 tragedy was executed by “Mossad” or somehow "dancing Israelis" were involved, depending on your mood.
Conspiracy theories are the gateway drug into hardcore antisemitism. Find them and hardcore views along with antisemitism will never be far away. The fake Protocols of the Elders of Zion is the intellectual glue in and around this arena. 
Regrettably, such views are increasingly popular on the Left.
3. Extreme Islamists hate Jews, for existing and whilst much of their patter seems religious it is festooned with racist conspiracy notions and the odd bit of neo-Nazi thinking. ISIS is, but one example.
4. Genteel antisemitism is one of the most pernicious forms of racism in modern Western societies because it is neither crude or vulgar, as we tend to expect antisemitic ideas to be. The strongest strain of this particular ailment is the denial of antisemitism. The denial of racism, when it comes to Jews.
Unless a piece of racism is carried boldly on the shoulders of an abusive, sweary, tattooed neo-Nazi then it is mostly rejected or define so narrowly as to be without use. It is rather prevalent on the British Left.
For example, in much the same way it would be exceedingly difficult to convince a hardline member of UKIP that anti-French sentiment or xenophobia is a bad idea then it is gruelling trying to persuade someone enamoured of genteel antisemitism, when the target of that racism is Jews.
They won’t tend to grasp the issue, unless the racism is of the neo-Nazi form, and even then maybe not.

Samples of their racism, in all of its varying degrees, is shown at the Anti-Nazis United Wordpress blog, more to come.

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