Monday, 7 August 2017

Ernst Zundel on Twitter, or how to spot a neo-Nazi?

It’s fair to say that we all have our likes and dislikes.

On social media such behaviour, particularly Twitter, is a useful tool in ferreting out neo-Nazis and their friends.

Individuals who express sympathy for Hitler or Holocaust deniers are probably themselves going to be either hardcore antisemites or full-on neo-Nazis.

In about 99% of cases, those expressing remorse or commiserating with the death of Ernst Zundel are almost certainly admirers of National Socialism (Nazism) or hate Jews with a passion.

Zundel was the author of "The Hitler We Loved and Why".

In either case it is very useful for antifascists to flush out such extremists.

These are just three examples:

1. National Front 14w‏ AKA @NF14WORDS

2. blackbird9‏ AKA @blackbird9_9
3. Elena Haskins AKA @ElenaHaskins

The first one has ~1,300 followers, the next closer to 800 and the last one almost 1,400. Therefore, they have a wider influence that any decent person could want.

Their racist views:

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