Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Profile of prejudice: Paul Smith AKA @Paulsmithdeco

[NB: The materials herein are freely available in the public domain, and this is produced as an educational resource for antiracists and antifascists.]

Defining racism

The desire to define racism and object to it has always vexed racists on social media, none more so than the recent working definition of antisemitism by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA).

The CST provides a nice background to definitions.

These discussions have brought out many individuals who claim to have nothing against Jews, but in reality are clearly strongly antisemitic in their ideas. This is just one miserable example.

My brief summary:

Paul Smith AKA @Paulsmithdeco doesn’t like immigrants, at all.
He says "Excuse me , I don't hate Jews , thank you."
He argues "Jewish lobby ...just want to demonise, smear attack etc" He supports Ken Livingstone.
He applauds Assad in Syria.
He says he previously supported Labour.
He says "Did the Holocaust Really Happen?"
He is a 9/11 truther.
He is supportive of assorted neo-Nazis.
He talks about #whitegenocide, a common Extreme Right notion.
He touches on regular neo-Nazi talking points, "Holodomor" "Communism was Jewish" etc 
He is keen on The Canary Says, etc
He doesn't like Muslims.
He wants anti-hate laws repealed.
He is a great believer in freedom of speech for neo-Nazis.
He says "A National socialist party could be the answer..."
He is rather popular on Twitter with over 1,800 followers.

In short, an antisemite with incoherent patter and a following on the British Left.

A small selection of quotes from Paul Smith AKA @Paulsmithdeco

"A combination of immigrants , children of immigrants , foreigners telling us what we can say, do, write and think in our own ancestral land." 
"Excuse me , I don't hate Jews , thank you." 
"You can't criticise , makes jokes or discuss their history, culture etc in a negative way without being labelled a racist or anti Semite ."

"Ken Livingstone suspended for telling the truth . These are the times we live in ." 
 "A National socialist party could be the answer, unite the left and right to fight the common enemy , the wealthy globalist clique."

A sample of his Twitter material

His view on immigrants

His view of Jews

On the "Lobby" and "Blairites"

Supporting Ken Livingstone

On the Holocaust

On 9/11
Neo-Nazism talking points

On The Canary Says, etc

He doesn't like Muslims.

On anti-hate laws

Freedom for neo-Nazis


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