Thursday, 5 October 2017

Dear Guardian letters, Facebook and carpet slipper antisemitism

Dear Guardian letters,

In the days of purely print media I had always wanted to write you, as a one-time passionate Guardian reader.

Fortunately nowadays everyone with access to the Internet can dispatch you a quick email.

I would like to focus on six points and please forgive the slight sarcasm:

1. I can't help notice the speed at which any letter downplaying concerns for antisemitism is published in the Guardian.

2. I recall your senior editors making a point many years ago when the Guardian's comments boxes were littered with antisemitism, that they would take that form of racism seriously. Is that still the case?

3.  Increasingly in Britain we are seeing many in the middle classes taking up that peculiar 1930s ailment, as the Guardian has regularly reported.

4. Would it be possible for senior Guardian people to comment on why your Facebook page becomes littered with carpet slipper antisemitism?

5. Does the Guardian have any plans to ever vigorously clamp down on genteel antisemitism when left as comments on its pages?

6. Finally, I have enjoyed the Guardian’s critical coverage of America’s Alt-Right, nevertheless I wish you would show 10% of that focus on polite antisemitism in Britain too.

I remain, your disappointed reader,


PS: Evidence of polite racism under Guardian posts can be found on its Facebook page and the rancid comments that were left.

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